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Sooner or later, all types of fences wear out. After prolonged exposure to sun, rain, wind, and other hazards, all fencing kinds get damaged. But while you will need to address these concerns, most damaged fencing can get repaired. You don’t immediately need to tear it all down!
In fact, if the problem is mainly occurring in one section, you can likely exchange the worn areas. Unfortunately, not all companies will allow you to do that.
But at Homestead Fence Pros , we remain the company that does what’s best for you. We’ve been offering better repair choices for more fencing systems since 2005!
If you have missing planks, cracked fence posts, or fencing that just doesn’t work any longer, call us, and we will correct all your problems. We always have the affordable repair solution for every  job!

Fencing Repair Services​

When a company tries to force you into buying a new installation package first, they’re likely charging you too much! Instead, we do what we can to provide an affordable repair before offering entirely new fences.
Even if your home relies on a custom fence system, we do our best to save you more each time. We attempt to provide you the best repairs for your concerns and budget on every call. Whether you need us to rebuild your wood fences, repair broken sections of chain links, or even convert existing borders to different materials, we can do it all. There’s no reason to let fear of high costs to prevent you from the service you need.

Any Fence Material

Whatever type of material you prefer, our experts can repair it. We work with a variety of fencing solutions to keep more homes safer.
Just tell us what fence type you currently have, or which you’re thinking of trying. We offer only the best in fencing repair services for: 

  • Wood Fence
  • Aluminum Fences
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Vinyl Systems
  • Four-Board Fence
  • And more fencing types!

We’ve never met a fence we couldn’t help. Even if you have a material not listed, we likely know how to fix it!

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Call 305-676-8322 now for your best choice in local fencing repairs. We get the job done right on the first try on every visit!